Title: Perfectly, Self-Evident Arithmatic

Materials: fabric, wood, moss, sticks, meat hook, chicken bones, bear head, burlap, found tin box, fur hat, feather, dirt, beeswax, found gold candle objects, wick, curry, paprika, cumin, bread, wire, Edemeyer flasks, flour, pearls, muffin tins, glass jars, kitten piggy bank, Bar light fixture, hand written notes, light fixtures

Date: 2012

Description: This installation was an exploration of three archetypal fictional personas (the butcher, baker, and candle-stick maker). The characters represent various humanistic poles; hunter gatherer, domestic, alchemist, each creating her own myth through the collection of objects. Creating her own identity through myth.

The following text was written by Jordan Karnes for each character, and was included in written form in the installation.


Never think about love,
is the rule. Never think babies
or women, even if they’re crying
a floor above. Think lean,
fat, bone. Keep clean. Tender
is for cut, even
if you got a woman. Love
makes knives dull, scales light.
Sure, I tried it before but blood
dries quicker in veins
than nails, and eyes that don’t
blink still saw something.
Know your animal.
Don’t judge by shape,
game. Don’t tell me
about hearts, I know exactly
where they beat.


My hands are not in the soil.
I do not know necks.
Not frost. Not gather.
Here is what I know
about winter: feet are cold
without socks, my apartment
has no fire. We have less
money and my belly goes
soft. Hands get dry. Here is
what I know about summer:
mostly pleasure. Mornings are bright,
but I wake at dark because bread
is bread, no matter.
Here is what I know about days:
water, flour, yeast, time,
preference. What do I know
about moonlight.


The difference between water/ wax
is everything
save heat/ drip, pool, etc.
The wisdom of water/ is vapor
is cycle. Do not be mistaken.
There is nothing wise
in material/ no vision in wax
only wick. There is no wisdom
in wick/ only fire.